Welcome to the Errthe Blog …

Welcome to the Errthe Blog. I’d like to say this will be a regular thing – so I will – this will be a regular thing – there, I’ve said it. Alas, reality is out of joint and it will only be as regular as its own updates.

I’m not sure what we’ll put in here. If it’s good enough for the books then it will be in the books – ho hum. However, we could do profiles of the many characters and a league table where you could vote for your favourites. My own personal favourites are … all of them. You didn’t think I’d say any different did you? They are listening you know and I have many arguments with them when I write something they don’t like. They will tell me in no uncertain terms –

“You pratt – I’m not doing that.”

“Well I’m the author …”

“So …”

“So I decide what goes in my books.”

“And I’m the character and I know me better than you do and I’m telling you I’m not doing that.”

And invariably I have to rewrite the section because they are right, after all.

So, I have no favourites – they are all my favourites and I love them all – yes, all of them. And there’s a bit of them in all of me.



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